Meaning- centered therapy

Meaning- centered therapy

"The drive to find meaning is the most powerful motivating force in man".
V.E. Frankl

Psychotherapy with meaning or logotherapy is the third Viennese school of psychotherapy created by V.E. Frankl. Logotherapy focuses mainly on the future, i.e. on what the patient should strive for in life.

Logotherapy for whom?

Logotherapy intervenes to help patients define or reassess their meaning in life, for example:
  • when faced with a sense of "loss of meaning", frustration or "emptiness" in life
  • after a traumatic shock (bereavement, accident, aggression)
  • in moments of disorientation after a break-up, divorce, professional failure, announcement of illness
  • in a situation of life change with choices to be made, decisions to be taken, the need to find reasons for action
  • when faced with difficulties in adapting to a new situation.

Who is a logotherapist?

In the form of an authentic dialogue, the logotherapist invites the person to express himself and the truth about his life. Through a series of questions, he or she accompanies You in discovering yours possibilities and resources to face the concrete situation of Your existence. He helps You to recognise the values that attract You and to explore Your own possibilities of meaning, to discover Your unique self. He accompanies You on the path to the discovery of Your own potential, supports You in taking responsibility for the realisation of Your own life programme. It helps to orient You towards a meaningful life, despite the inevitable difficulties and sufferings of existence. With the support of a logotherapist, You can find Your own space of freedom, Your own choices and decisions.

It’s necessary to understand in order to move forward.

Existential emptiness, anxiety, suffering, loss of meaning...? For weeks, months or even years you question yourself, searching for meaning, suffering, existential emptiness, anxiety, anguish, depression, serious illness, chronic illness, overwork, burnout, suicidal thoughts, addiction, phobia, ambivalence, loneliness... You want to understand, to move forward consciously, to discover your goals in life, to find meaning.... As a logotherapist and art therapist, I help people to find answers to their questions. Our lives are full of misunderstandings and this makes us suffer. My task is to accompany you towards the awakening of your own healing power, your dormant potential: through your self - as a spiritual force and your life force, so that you feel alive in the here and now. Life asks you to author your response to the tasks it sets you, to guide you towards a better being, towards your truth.

"Ultimately, life boils down to taking responsibility for finding the right solution to the problems and tasks it constantly puts before each one of us."
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